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30000mAH 1st Eagle Power Bank

30000mAH 1st Eagle Power Bank
30000mAH 1st Eagle Power Bank
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Product Details
  • AUTOMATICALLY CHARGE UPON CONNECTING – The Pursun Power Bank is super easy to use and charges immediately upon connecting to a device – you do not need to press any buttons to power it up. The power bank charges under a safe multi-protection system, and a white LED digital screen lets you know exactly what percentage of charge remains in your power bank.
  • DUAL PORTS EQUIPPED WITH 3.0 QUICK CHARGE – The unit has dual USB A and USB C ports, with a max output of 3 amps individually and a total output of up to 3 amps simultaneously. The Pursun Rapid Charge Power Bank charges as fast as a wall charger, fully charging your power hungry devices in a little more than an hour with no voltage or amp dropped.
  • EXCELLENT BATTERY FOR LONG-LASTING LIFE – Charge up your phone to 100% multiple times with our 30000mAH large-capacity cell phone charger. The Pursun Power Bank retains its charge for longer periods of time and has an extended battery life, making it great to use in emergencies or on long cross country road trips.
  • SLEEK DESIGN AND ANTI-SLIP MATTE FINISH – Our lightweight power bank fits easily into your pocket and is perfect for space-limited users. The matte textured finish makes it bump and scratch resistant on hard surfaces, hides fingerprints and smudges, and provides a secure grip in your hands.
  • TRY RISK FREE TODAY! – All of our battery packs are a great blend of innovation, design, and build quality. For this reason, we are proud to offer you 30 Days Money Back and 18 months of friendly after-service. Get a Pursun USB C Power Bank today and experience the difference that real quality makes!

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