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Electric Hair Steaming Cap

Electric Hair Steaming Cap
Electric Hair Steaming Cap
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Heating Cap Temperature Controlling Protection Electric Hair Steamer Hair Mask Cap

At normal temperature, the nutrition is mostly lost and not easily absorbed by hair.
The heating cap can absorb nutrients more effectively and shorten the time of hair dyeing.
The color is firm and even, improving the quality of hair dyeing and repairing the hair after perming.

1.Heating up quickly. Uniform and exquisite double-layer circular wire, fast heating, more easily absorbed nutrient film.
2.Intelligent temperature control. High/medium/low three stalls, the temperature can reach 75 degrees, free to choose hair care temperature.
3. Waterproof liner. PU fabric, waterproof and anti-corrosive, keep moisture, improve the use effect.
4.When heated, there is no plastic smell and paste taste, safe and healthy.
5. The color is brilliant.
6.Tightness can be adjusted freely.

Material: PU fabric
Size: 26x18cm/10.24x7.09"
Weight: 275g

Voltage: 110V (US Plug); 220V-240V (EU Plug)

Style: wkm-001/wkm-002/wkm-003

Power: 60W
Stalls: 3 modes
Maximum temperature: 75 degrees
Power line length: 1.5 m/4.92 ft
Note: Zipper color is random

Package included:
1 x Electric Steam Cap

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