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Portable Rechargeable Fruit Blender

Portable Rechargeable Fruit Blender
Portable Rechargeable Fruit Blender
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This is a Portable and Rechargeable Fruit Juice Blender - Juicer That can be use to mix and make different types of Fruit Juice and Vegetables or Smoothies for healthy Living, Boast  and refresh your entire body system

It is Portable and can easily be taken for use at anywhere you go, Be it at Home, Office, Church, Picnic, Excursion, House Warm Party, Gym, Camp, Travel,Car etc. So you can enjoy your fruit juice anytime and anywhere you go.

Smartjet Juicer is a powerful, portable and rechargeable fruit juice blender with six blades to blend your fruit juice very smoothly, the battery capacity can blend up to 10-12 times after fully charged.


  • High Speed 6(Six) Blades high-power Motor (Strong and Sharp Stainless steel blade).
  • Portable in Size with with a unique handle-held rope for easy movement.
  • Healthy and environmentally-friendly, produced from a new and nontoxic material.
  • This Juicer can mix any kinds of fruit and vegetables.
  • The Blender has a double safety protection switch, proper lock safety and charge/discharge protection.
  • Quick motor speed which can make Fruit Juice within 1minute.
  • The Full Charging time is 2hours and can be use for blending up to 10-12 when fully charged.
  • The Battery capacity is and can be recharged with Power bank or any mobile phone charger.

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