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VR Glasses 3D Virtual Reality | Movies, Games, Live Streaming, Soccer

VR Glasses 3D Virtual Reality | Movies, Games, Live Streaming, Soccer
VR Glasses 3D Virtual Reality | Movies, Games, Live Streaming, Soccer
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Product Name: VR CASE RK-6thLens

Parameters: Imported optical glass, 38mm diameter, 40 focal lengths, 130 degrees wide-angle coated lens Support

Mobile Phone Size: 4.7-6.0inches Smartphone

Myopia adjustment: 0-700 °

IPD adjustment: 65-75mm

Product Weight: 630g/22.2oz

Packing Size: 230*170*110mm/9.1*6.7*4.3inches

Product Size: 200*130*100mm/7.9*5.1*3.9inches

IMAX private theatre,360 Immersive experience as if in a dreaming world.

Non-distortion optical lenses: No more distortion of graphics, present high fidelity images for you.

6 eye-protective measures: Light trans-pittance 99.7%; Anti-blue light; Spherical surface; Breakthrough the traditional design of 38mm diameter and 40mm focal length; Wide angel 130 physical optic design can provide a wider visual angle; Better clear experience than usual resin acrylic lens.

Portable remote control set design:3d joystick can flexibly control game directions, Portable remote can control the game, video, play, next, previous, game shooting, boxing etc, functions. Magnetic remote can be used with VR headset or used exclusively.

130 degrees wide vision angle: the breakthrough traditional design of 38mm diameter 40mm focal length, wide visual range with 130 degrees.

Brand new patented phone clamp: phone clamp can be adjusted freely from 4 directions, compatible with 4.7-6.0 inches mobiles. We apply bilateral stretching, won't lock any mobile key, more humanized.

Permeable leather material, pure and clean, more comfortable viewing experience.


*1* Ultra-clear 130°wide visual angle, pure glass coated lens (It's Not a usual resin lens with low light transmittance)

*2* Similarly all-in-one control system, brand new portable combination remote control design.

*3* Brand new patented mobile phone clip, fits for all brand mobile phone design, free from pressing of mobile key function button

*4* Specially designed for the myopic and adult users------ No need to take off the glasses when using the VR CASE. Supports myopic users (700°).

*5* Easy manipulation. One button to regulate pupil and object distance. Front cover equipped with lock-up function, which holds the phone steadily and using safely.

The design of a professional head-mounted and imported eye pad, provide more comfortable after prolonged viewing

Packing list:1 x VR CASE 6 3D VR Glasses